Taylor Lautner was afraid of his fans!

taylor lautner

Taylor Lautner,the star from "Twilight" used to be afraid by his fans,in a way!

“In Brazil hundreds of fans stormed the hotel Kristen Stewart and I were in. We hid in this little room for 45 minutes waiting for the SWAT team to arrive. We said to each other, ‘What if they get into this room? They’ll tear us to shreds!’” he said.

“I wouldn’t say they’re weird but they’re definitely passionate.

“I was just in Australia at a fan event with a red carpet and there were 4000 fans and I was walking down the line. The fans like to hold out their hands or their arms for you to sign and one arm had a massive tattoo of the wolf pack.”

“The real one, the same exact thing and it was pretty cool. She was like, ‘Can you sign it?’

“I said sure and I signed right underneath it and the next day someone told me that the girl got my signature tattooed right under the wolf pack tattoo. I don’t know whether to say that’s cool or that I feel bad that I signed her arm. But that’s definitely some passion there.”

It’s true!Sometimes the fans cross any limit trying to be closer to their beloved celebs,I never understood what’s so important,in the end you only get a damn autograph.Is just like in football,you are fan but the team get’s all the money,not you!Fame and rating are their worst enemies.

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