Taylor Swift and Patrick Schwarzenegger Together

Taylor Swift and Patrick Schwarzenegger spent the 4th of July together celebrating Independence Day. The two could be seen laughing and hugging throughout the time they were together sparking speculation that it could be more than just friendship. They were part of the Independence Day celebrations with the entire Kennedy Clan at the American First Family’s Cape Cod home.

Taylor Swift has been in Massachusetts for some time, having a performance with James Taylor in Lenox, Mass. during the Tanglewood Music Festival. On Tuesday and Wednesday, she hung out with the Kennedy family. She took a beach walk with Patrick, the son of Arnold Schwarzenegger and Maria Shriver, and waved American flags while generally looking happy together.
This is not the “Love Story” singer’s first interaction with the Kennedy’s. It has been a growing relationship for some time now and her closeness to Patrick could be a culmination of the several visits she has paid them. In January this year, Swift attended the premier of “Ethel”, a documentary detailing Ethel Kennedy’s life. She also proclaims to have been starstruck when she met Ethel and Caroline Kennedy. She was invited for the premier of the documentary at the Sundance Festival by another Kennedy scion who directed the film, Rory Kennedy.

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Patrick Schwarzenegger on his part certainly enjoyed his time with the country singer. He took to Twitter to express his delight. His mood was much happier than the rants he had the day before during a flight from Austria to Boston. In part, his tweets read: “Had such an amazing day! Hope everyone had a great day!” This was in obvious reference to Taylor Swift from the 19-year old Kennedy.
Patrick Schwarzenegger, a professional model, runs his own clothing line, “Project360” for charity. He has not been known to have any public romantic relationships. If this is the case for them, he is in line to replace Jake Gyllenhaal.

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