Taylor Swift for Keds Spring 2014 Campaign

Once again it’s Taylor Swift for Keds Spring 2014 Campaign. The twenty-four year old singer-songwriter began her association with Keds in 2012, and the new campaign is based on the theme of personal bravery and female empowerment, summed up in the word ‘bravehearts.’


The sneakers company will reach its centenary in a couple of years, and the images of modern young women show just how far the fair sex have come in that time. Not only has fashion changed beyond recognition, but so have women themselves. The video shows Taylor and friends walking along the top of a wall, lounging in topiary, sitting in trees and leaping about the countryside in a colorful range of Keds: white, red, turquoise, navy blue, yellow, and navy with white polka dots. There are plenty of other fashion tips to be garnered on the website, if you want the ‘Taylored’ look: cute and fresh as a daisy,

Taylor Swift is not just an extremely successful singer-songwriter, with many music awards to her credit, but she also publicly supports many charities, particularly for children and young people. Success first came to her at the age of fourteen, when she signed her first record deal in Nashville, but she is aware that other kids may not be so fortunate. Keen to improve education in the arts and literacy, as well as helping sick children and encouraging others to give back to their community, she also helps children in disaster zones through the Red Cross.

At www.bravehearts.com a competition is being launched in association with the new range. The Bravehearts Challenge is to create a photo picturing your own 2014 ‘brave challenge’ in the hope of winning a pair of Keds. However, with current entries ranging from ‘Be Myself’ to ‘Live in the Moment’ there is surely scope for an original winning goal. There are 1,000 pairs of Keds on offer, and the contest ends on March 31st.

Photo credit : Keds

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