Taylor Swift Is Not A Fan Of Drinking Too Much

Taylor Swift not drinker

Taylor Swift totally disagree with drunk men,what a coincidence!Who doesn’t agree with this case?

Drunk people often do inappropriate things and after that everything is catastrophic,you don’t want to be one of them because life is still ahead of you!There a lot of things that worth any attention and drinking is like a final chapter,you already see yourself when going to a medic for further investigations,after a terrible accident or who knows!

Drinking is like a disease that keeps making you have the bad decisions for yourself and for the others around you.

“I have drunk, I’m not a drinker. I don’t really like drinking. I’m not like, ‘Man it’s my favorite thing to do,’ and I don’t like to get drunk because it’s just not cute,” she said.

She must not drinking because her job can’t let her doing that!

Taylor is having a decent life,that of a artist and hopefully everything will remain like that more from now on!She doesn’t want to see any more drunken people in her entire life!

Are you having any drinking issues?

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