Team Breezy vs Team Drizzy

The soap opera that is Chris Brown and Drake fight over Rihanna seems to be growing its own legs. What started as subliminal messages on Twitter, degenerated into a club brawl and now threatens to end up in court rooms. A female patron who was injured by a flying bottle at W.i.P, the club that was a scene of the brawl, is threatening to sue the New York joint.
Details of the incident have now emerged that neither Breezy nor Drizzy actually landed punches. It was members of their entourage who threw bottles at each other. Chris Brown posted an image on Instagram showing a cut on his chin, presumably from the fight. Another participant in this “love triangle” is Meek Mill, an upcoming musician signed to Maybach Music. He claimed that Brown removed him from a song for having a fling with Rihanna.

 chris brown vs drake

Sources have stated that it was a Chris Brown hanger-on who started the club brawl by taunting Drake all night. Both sides are pointing fingers and rousing support from their fans. And while the celebrities were chauffeured off in sleek rides, a poor Australian girl was driven to the emergency room to get 16 stitches on a cut. She is the real victim.

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