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teen mom leah

Teen Mom Leah is heartbroken in losing her baby. In the newest issue of Ok Magazine you are going to learn more details about this loss and how it has affected the young mom.

Her life had just started to go in the right way with the addition of a new man in her life as well as the pregnancy. The man is still there and hopefully the couple will be able to get past this road block and move on to the continuation of a strong and healthy relationship.

The loss of a baby is one that can often send a couple into turmoil and can cause many problems. Hopefully this will be a problem that they will not let hold them back. Seeing as how Leah has not had a very easy time of it in her past, this is yet another thing that she has had to get past.

Her fiance Jeremy Calvert has stated that this has been a rather tough time but it will be something they need to stick together and work through.

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