Thanksgiving Drama: Aubry and Oliver Exchange Blows

A brawl got Gabriel Aubry arrested. Halle Berry’s ex was caught up in a brawl that involved him and Berry’s current fiancé Oliver Martinez..This ThanksGiving Day’s brawl happen when Aubry who is a renowned model went to drop off his 4 year old daughter Nahla when he is said to have attacked Oliver.

The police had to be called to the home with Aubry having to be taken to hospital for injuries he suffered that included bruises on the face, a rib that was possibly broken as well as head injuries that are said to be possibly serious, all these according to TMZ. Aubry is said to have been the one who threw the first punch that led to the brutal fight between him and Frenchman Oliver. All this drama occurred within Halle’s home at 10am during a custodial hand over.
It is said that the cause of the fight is the recent court case that had everything to do with the custody of little Nahla in which it was ruled that the girl would not be moved to France as her mother and current fiancé had planned to. Oliver is said to have told Aubry that they had to move on in reference to the court case when he got pushed and the punched in the face. It is reported on TMZ that Aubry then pushed Oliver to the ground where a struggle ensued and eventually Oliver had Aubry pinned to the ground.

This eventually led to another twist in which Aubry was ordered by a judge in an emergency protective order to not get within 100 yards of Halle, her fiancé and Nahla. It is said that it is Oliver who pressed the charges and ensured that the orders were issued as he was seen to be visibly angry after the incident. What is not clear however is whether little Nahla witnessed the whole brawl.

gabriel and aubry fight
Aubry had petitioned the court not to let Nahla move to France with her mother and her mother’s fiancé as this would deny him a chance to spend time with his daughter from time to time. In her defense, HalleBerry claimed that privacy laws within France were stricter and that this would help keep their daughter away from the limelight, a situation that would be caused by the ever present paparazzi.

However, the court was not to here any of this and went as far as ruling in Aubry’s favor. Halle and Aubry went separate ways in 2010 with Oliver having to put their wedding plans on hold for his fiancé to concentrate on the custody battle that was already in court.
Barely 24 hours before the brawl, Aubry, Oliver and Halle including little Nahla had all attended Thanksgiving in Los Angels. Halle and her fiancé had picked Nahla from school for the Thanksgiving party while her father Aubry took her home with him on Wednesday and was returning her to her mother when all hell broke loose.

It is not clear how the nest few days are going to be and what implications the brawl is going to have on the earlier ruling.

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