The Amazing Spider-Man Gets A New Trailer

The amazing spider-man 2012

                                                Photo credit : SonyPictures

The Amazing Spider-Man which is featuring Andrew Garfield as its main character got a new trailer,which is more interesting and detailed.

You already know that this episode starts with the beginning of the journey,where Peter Parker gets his powers and starts catching the bad guys.

The main difference is that now his fearless enemy is no one else than The Lizard,you remember him from The Comics!

Also there is something else to remember,the way this movie has been made,and that’s definately more interesting and more catchy!

By Andrew’s side you will get to see Emma Stone and Martin Sheen.

I am not used to this whole new cast,I am more of a fan of Tobey Maguire and Kirsten Dunst.

What about you?

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