The Audrina Patridge Diet and Exercise For A Bikini Body

Audrina Patridge is 26 and loved the water since the moment she was born. Previously she starred in the Hills and her own VH-1 reality series Audrina. By the time she was 4 she knew how to swim. In her backyard she had an impressive swimming pool. Finding the perfect bikini is about finding the one that fits your frame precisely.


Patridge advises you to wear your bikini around your home for a couple of days so it feels comfortable. Alternatively, you could ask friends what they think about your bikini and whether it suits your body. It’s all about feeling comfortable and positive in your own skin. Practice doing sit ups and squats before you head to the beach. It’s important to get the blood running to those areas. Toning up and building muscles takes time and practice, but be persistent.

Patridge makes a point of faking her tan, rather than getting skin cancer by sitting in the sun too long. Having a golden glow is very important to Audrina Patridge who uses a can, rather than risking sun damage to her delicate skin. She never leaves home without a sunscreen on. Another trick that Patridge uses is to apply a little bit of Hawaiin Tropic Oil before she leaves her home. It’s important not to use too much or it could appear greasy.

Audrina Patridge Diet and Exercise Routine involves working up a sweat with her trainer, Jarett Delbene with quick, plans you can do anywhere. These include combining punches and kicks with short, weight moves. It is this high intensity exercise that works. There is no special equipment required apart from maybe a mat and skipping rope. Eat healthily and drinking fruity smoothies. Of course, plenty of salads are also part of the diet. A good combination of healthy eating and exercise is all that it requires for a person to have the body fit for a bikini.

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