The Backstreet Boys Are Back Together Again On Walk Of Fame

Backstreet Boys made their debut on April 20, 1993. Fans instantly loved their music and flocked to see their concerts. There were a few members of the band that dropped out over the years. However, Backstreet Boys got together again, with all of the band members in 2012.


They celebrated their anniversary with their fans in a celebratory concert. This summer, the band are releasing an album and touring in May. In 2014 the band plan to launch a music documentary.

The Backstreet Boys are one of the largest selling boy bands in musical history. On Monday, April 22nd, 2013, the band received a place in the Hollywood Walk of Fame. The award comes in the same week that the band celebrate 20 years together as a band.

The band are working on perfecting their untitled album that will be released later this year. This is their first album since separating from Jive Records. Hundreds of fans turned up for the bands album preview on Saturday and the band played sections from all eight songs.

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