The Best Ways to Throw the Ultimate Surprise Party

Planning a surprise party can be fun and exciting. Trying to keep everything a secret adds to the thrill, but there is more to it than simply keeping the party under wraps. Careful planning that includes a unique location, unexpected friends and family found through one of the FL people finder sites, and unusual catering options will make this an event that no one will soom forget.


It would be a perfectly wonderful party if you have it in your own backyard or at the local rental hall, but why not use this opportunity to plan an event at one of the guests of honor’s favorite places. This could be a restaurant they reserve for special occasions, a much-loved park with picnic pavilions, or some type of activity location such as a miniature golf course or a go-cart track that they always enjoy. This keeps the entire evening focused on them, and it shows that you care enough to make sure every detail is perfect.

The Guest List

You probably have family or friends in common with the guest of honor that you will definitely want to invite along with those that you know are close to them. You may also want to search for people they haven’t seen in quite a while. Imagine how the surprise could last for more than that initial few seconds as they walk through the door. They will be equally surprised as they encounter long lost friends and dear family members that they simply don’t get to see on a regular basis. Sites such as Intelius can help you locate these people quickly and easily.

The Food

The last way you can continue to surprise the guest of honor is by serving foods they will enjoy. You could recreate a favorite meal, order food from a favorite restaurant, or use a theme that suits their favorite holiday even if it isn’t that time of year. Better yet, you can surprise them with a type of food they have been anxious to try like Ethiopian, Thai, or Vietnamese. Just make sure you include some American fare for those that aren’t quite as adventurous.

Your guest of honor will remember this party for the rest of their lives. From the moment they arrive at one of their favorite destinations to the last goodbye, they will appreciate the time and effort you put into creating the ultimate surprise party. The thrill of the initial surprise will last throughout the evening as they discover each and every detail you carefully orchestrated.

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