The Bling Target Paris Hilton’s House

Paris Hilton is overcoming being burgled at the weekend. She was very distraught to receive the news about her house and find out it had been burgled. It is not the first time this has happened either. Fortunately, the burglars did not get away with the loot. However, Paris Hilton will have to improve the security of her home in Malibu very quickly. This is the seventh time that the socialite’s home has been targeted by burglars.

Jason Kempin/Getty Images
Jason Kempin/Getty Images

Paris Hilton tweeted that she has bad luck when it comes to burglars. They were planning on robbing her new collection of Paris Hilton purses. The burglars were girls according to TMZ. The girls threw the purses in the street after witnesses saw them leaving Paris Hilton’s home. Hilton’s security collected the purses from outside of her home and returned it safely.

Paris Hilton is lucky to have had nothing stolen this time, but she is constantly being targeted by thieves. The girls who are known as ‘The Bling’ come from the Calabasas in California. The Bling ring targeted Hilton through a series of robberies during 2008 and 2009, robbing a total amount of $2 million in jewelry as well as other things.

Hilton appeared in the Sofia Coppola film version of these robberies and allowed cameramen to re-create the chain of events in her property. Hilton wanted to help filmmakers make people realize how serious it is to be the victim of robberies and how frightening and painful it feels. Paris Hilton feels it is completely awful and diabolical it is that people rob people and whilst she was watching the video she found it very upsetting. However, it is thought that her role in the film might have inspired new copycat robbers. It doesn’t seem like she is overly bothered by the event since she is having fun in Ibiza right now.

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