The End of The G in The Vogue

Gisele Bundchen, the famous Brazilian model from Rio Grande De Sul decided to put an end for her 20 years modeling career by making the last step of what people around the world never expected they would see which was her new pose for the Vogue magazine.

Gisele Bundchen naked for Vogue Brazil cover. But who cared for the clothing when it came out that the photograph only showed the arc of her left breast and buttocks while holding the G letter from the VOGUE word.


It was first seen on the instagram account of the model with the following been said:
“Thanks to each and everyone that are part of the special edition”.

She also said that her stopping of the 20 years modeling career will get her projects, which she has for herself done and make some space for her, as she sees that her body is saying enough for her and that she respects her body’s opinion.

That is the last time we are going to see Gisele in the modeling work, who knows if she is focusing on her life with her husband Tom Brady from NFL and their children or is she going to do her own private work?

Knowing also that Gisele had her own film career starting with the successful movie “Taxi” in the year 2004 and ended with a documentary starring herself in the movie “Coração Vagabundo”. And also being one of the richest models in the world and being Forbes’s top earning model of the year for five consecutive times.

We hope that this is not the last time ever we are seeing her in public appearances around the world, but we’re sure that next time we see her, she is not going to be on a modeling magazine cover. We are sure that we are going to see more faces in the competition after Gisele’s retirement, and odds might be in their favor.

Photo credit : Inez & Vinoodh

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