The Fashion Turning Tide with Versace Spring 2017

Versace has had a foothold in dressing the modern women into glitter and candy-holding arms. Versace’s house has dressed them with glamour for event entertainment and that has been known as the power of women.


But with Versace Spring 2017 collection, things are changing real fast. The power of woman is no longer viewed as arm holding role in disco lights. The new lady is all about athleticism, sense of sisterhood and energy. Models of different shapes and varying age are the new way Versace sees the woman. The models are all in active wear ready to take the outdoors with energy and passion.


T-shirt, legging and Teva sandals; all with a sporty taste are the new way to represent the perfect modern lady. That’s not all; nylon fabric with strands and beige rainwear are also part of the lady revolution. It is a relief to see that the power of a lady is not longer in showing most of her body but also bringing out the athleticism in her.

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