The Glamour Is Being Represented By 2013 Dior Haute Couture

The 2013 edition of Dior couture fall was presented in Paris, France. Raf Simons, the chief designer, had an exquisite range of designs for the European and American clientele.

2013-dior-haute-couture-1 2013-dior-haute-couture-2

For the American, Raf prepared garments that had with both an Asian and an African touch. The Asian aspect was highly represented by the high quality collection of fabric. The color on the garments displayed a fabulous African element. Europeans had a high expectation from the designer as the presentation was right in their back yard. Raf Simons chose to apply a touch of the La Parisenne, a historic representation of both high quality and class.

While couture does not target the financial aspect of presentation, the involved designers ensured they amply targeted the clients. Modernity and historic elements joined in the designs employed in 2013’s Dior Haute Couture Fall. Using high tech elements in the fabrics was just but a part of what made the event modern. Implying on the Asian and African culture among others introduced the importance of the historic element of culture.

2013-dior-haute-couture-3 2013-dior-haute-couture-4

The dresses worn by the models were off the shoulder and skirts were split at the back. Most notably, however, draped fabrics defined the body hugging dresses. This was a complete change over from the previous design shows. Raf Simons is well known for taking very wild risks. He chose to follow a completely new way of displaying his ideas.

While it was like a gamble to most other people, it actually paid off. Most of the visiting clients and public were extremely wowed by his presentations. This shows that by appealing to the clients, he actually created an interest that will definitely translate into sales. Making use of well know photographers, playing Kanye West’s ‘Yeezus’ in the background was a perfect cocktail for an exciting Dior Haute Couture.

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