The Ke$ha Jewelry Collection for Charles Albert 2013

Ke$ha previously made a headdress from her fans’ teeth and fans went wild. It definitely made a statement and that’s why teeth feature so heavily in her new jewelry line. One item in her collection is the “Cannibal” capsule that is made from metal-cast human teeth that creates a really edgy look. There is a bracelet with black skulls and roses, a ring with teeth, a gold bracelet with two teeth and a rather amazing looking headband.

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Kesha is a completely unique person and totally off the wall whenever she performs. She has done some pretty weird and wonderful things like drinking her own urine. If you want to buy Kesha’s jewelry items you can expect to pay between $30 and $750 a piece. All her items will be on sale through her website. The Kesha Rose by Charles Albert collection has massive rings, one with a giant skull. Although the collection looks dark, there are many stylish pieces.

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The Kesha Rose is elaborately decorated with blue roses and arrowheads, the Out Alive collection has plenty of skulls with black and red motifs, the Wonderland collection has druzy stars, magical items and quartz crystals. Fans will love the collection on offer. The celebrity has been giving fans a few peaks at her collection on Instagram. She has been showing off rings and even given fans a sneak preview of the ad campaign. Kesha has even worn a few of her collection pieces on the red carpet.

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If you haven’t got your ears pierced then you might just want to so you can wear Kesha’s collection. The skull and red rose bracelet is bound to be popular. There will be a lot of obsidian and turquoise. There is also a knife earring for those who want to be a bit different. The collection looks really interesting and unique, just like Kesha.

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