The Marc Jacobs Beauty Holiday 2013 Collection

Marc Jacobs, the American fashion designer that has been labelled as on of the greatest fashion designers, as well as one of the currently most powerful gay men of all time, has recently launched a new beauty holiday 2013 collection. This stylish make up range is bound to appeal to those that enjoy high fashion and glamor. The make up products range from lipsticks, which all have unique and fancy names, to lash lifters and glitter dusts.

The great thing about this set is that each product in the range varies in price, which means that the set should appeal to a wide audience. This also means that customers can indulge on themselves, or pick individual items for loved ones and close friends. These products should also hit the shops shortly and should not be hard to find, considering Marc Jacobs has over 200 clothing stores through out 80 different countries around the world.

The range of beauty products for this Marc Jacobs beauty holiday 2013 collection focuses on the stylish and the sexy, rather than the outrageous. This concept of holding back and focusing on style and mystery has always been the defining style of Marc Jacobs and this can be seen very clearly in his current collection. The lipsticks run through a variety of reds and are given names such ‘Seduce me – berry red’ and ‘happy ending – hot pink’. The lights glitter dust packs come in frosty purples and shades of silver and will appeal to those that wish to fit in with the cooler winter tones.


A limited edition bag of make up products is also available and is titled the ‘Showstopper collection’. It features seven limited edition products including Lash Lifter Gel Volume Mascara, a Lacquer Lip Vinyl which will make you stand out in the crowd and a Style Shadow Pallete. This should be a great present for a loved one.

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