The Men in Black are back!

Men in black 3

Coming in May you can see the third installment of Men in Black. Reunited will be the team of Agents Kay and Jay, same stars and most likely the same funny and fabulous movies that we have come to love in the past. This time around the Men in Black will have to stop yet another evil alien, but that is about the same as the other ones. However, Boris, the evil alien who is played by Jemain Clement, will be stuck in 1969. During that time frame the now Agent Jay will travel back to that year of 1969, where he will be working with Agent Kay who will is younger of course. While thrown into the action will be Emma Thompson as another agent Oh, who will be dealing with a breakout from prison.

Surely this will be a hit just like the other movies that came out in this series. Just wondering if Frank the dog will be back again, he was always a nice bonus to the movies. Plus it will be nice to see the old duo back and working to keep the Earth safe once again.

For the other movies the first men in black made 500 million in profit, while the second movie was created for 140 million and came in with a total of 442 million earned from the box office.

Again this movie will be coming to theaters in May so get ready for some Men in Black action!

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