The Michael Kors Pre-Fall 2015 Show

Michael Kors, most famously know for being a judge on Heidi Klum’s reality show “Project Runway”, designs clothes that appeal to both high society and those of more modest means. The Michael Kors Pre-fall 2015 was another example of this. He has adeptly bridged both high and low end fashion with modest but striking outfits to suit every income. The pre-fall 2015 show yet again reinforced that If very rich Americans are willing to parade around at a fancy ball in nothing but Kors, your average women is just as happy to wear his creations at the office Christmas party.

Perhaps his most intriguing piece from the 2015 collection may well be his provocative “September Coat”, which was universally liked. This creation is light enough that it can be worn in warmer times of year, but it has enough substance to carry you through the day and evening as the weather cools off. From a design perspective, it harkens back to the minimalism of the sixties, a not unpopular trend these days.


Kors is said to have referred to his 2015 line as “from bikinis to boots”, with apparel that spans many season, featuring spring dresses that are breezy and light, to a more hefty Mongolian inspired patent coat, which was lamb lined. All American colors featured plenty of red white and blue, plus some black and camel to create a more sleek look for some of his offerings. He even went so far as to credit Winona Ryder, Taylor Swift and Baby Jane Holzer as his inspirations, especially with a couple of his polka dotted and striped numbers.

Kors set forth an unfussy and feminine lineup, which included crisp lines with a variety of basic fabrics ranging from denim to lace. His models’ silhouettes nevertheless felt neat and relaxed, whether it was a full skirt worn with a lean top, or his classic side-striped track pant. This last was cut quite long, with double crepe was well as a slit at the ankle, followed by tuxedo sneakers boasting lovely bows. That extra bit was part of his prominent girliness, which was accentuated with pearl polka dots, amazing yet subtle floral touches and an overall brightness.


If there was one drawback, it may have been that nothing in the Michael Kors Pre-fall 2015 was a mind blowing revelation. Of course, he’s not really know for that in he style, but it would have been nice to see something in the ball park of jaw dropping.

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