The New Rihanna Dior Secret Garden Campaign

This recent Rihanna Dior Secret Garden Campaign has turned a few heads. Some say it’s quiet a change to see Rihanna turning on a new leaf and dressing pink. All tough this Dior campaign has a lot of her dressing in a black dress holding fancy products, for the campaign photo shoot Rihanna was wearing a timid well behaved pink dress that only was audacious for being short on the ties.


The Dior Secret Garden Campaign

So what’s this new Dior’s campaign all about? Besides this new upgrade in their ambassadors with this great high-profile muse, it’s more a high PR marketing event, the 4th ever since the first launched back in 2012.
Many fancy names have already figured for Dior in this same campaign such as Jennifer Lawrence, Marion Cotillard, Natalie Portman, and Charlize Theron. They also went through some amazing photo shoots wearing some of Dior’s very best products.

Dior’s Goal

The main reason Dior has chosen to make this Rihanna Dior Secret Garden Campaign is because they’re targeting to penetrate into the youth market, and having Rihanna as their hot shot will surely help them reach that aim since she’s compounded a very strong youth presence, most especially among women.
Since women, in general, are going to be the biggest buyers of these high grade, first class Dior’s purse line, it’s certain that this pop star was surely a right move that Dior made in choosing to represent them for this campaign.
It’s estimated that their sales can double if not triple even in such harsh financial times as these. The world is falling apart and who’s got money has it to spend and throw it away. That can be said about Dior’s great customer base which are high middle class ot rich class female customers that have deep pockets. They aren’t much affected by the general financial crisis that affects the general populace and can still maintain their high profile consumption status.

Reshaping The Brand

Dior has been prominent into making new releases of products that are renewed in style and status statement. This new purse line itself blends in more of renewed sets of purses with embedded jewelry to the mix. There’s more black to show strong business women the leather appeal of high-grade leather with molded jewelry on top.
But there are also refined pink and light colors in purses that are tailored for women to wear them in lighter occasions. It doesn’t matter where they want to go. It can be even just to take a stroll on the beach or on the promenade. Whatever the occasion, these women strive to look advanced, luxurious and beautiful. And Dior seeks to aid them towards these high-end capitalistic status quo.

If you are a woman that want to mix high end and luxury into your wardrobe, Dior’s products will surely be among the top of the list for you to start acquiring and getting the very best. Dior is a combination of brand, style and high-end products. It’s surely got something that will make you really appreciate and enhance your new found style.

Photo credit : Dior

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