Adam Lambert looking Fresh in the Fiasco Magazine cover

It only seems like yesterday when we watched him host VH1’s Diva concert and now he has his good looks splattered all over the Fiasco Magazine.

Yes, Adam Lambert did it again; he has managed to go viral what with his dashing looks and unique sense of fashion.

Now, if you thought Adam was going to drag his drunken vampire look to the magazines, then think again. In his shoots, he has stunning silver hair and a classy black outfit to finish off the look, perhaps another side of Adam we never knew?

Either way, we can say that we almost saw this coming. Keeping in mind that he broke a couple of records earlier in the year and further went to become the first gay artist to hit the number one spot in America with his 2nd album Trespass. If this does not deserve to get him on the cover page of Fiasco magazine then I have no idea what does.

adam lambert fiasco 2013

This former American Idol contestant has literally worked his way to the top despite the fact that he never won.
In fact, he’s actually become more successful than Kris Allen, the contestant that defeated him.

Still, when people are not talking about his great music, his image and style automatically comes in to mind. For a man that loves to stand out (as is the case with the most artistes ), you will be surprised just how refined

and macho he looks on the Fiasco Magazine, who knew you could spot Adam Lambert’s pic and go like “he is such a hunk!”

As you would expect, Adam Lambert has been questioned about his style and image quite a number of times. In his defense, he explained that men, just like women face a lot of pressure but the society does not allow them talk about it. According to him, men are just as worried as women are when they are on the spotlight. Whether this explains his mad love for black outfits or not, Adam Lambert is making it big and he is here to stay.

Photo credit : Miguel Starcevich/Fiasco

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