Andy Williams Dead After Yearlong Struggle with Bladder Cancer

After a year of battling with the dreadful treatments for bladder cancer, the well-known singer Andy Williams has passed away at the fullfilling age of 84 years old. William’s career first started out when he was only eleven years old when he and his brothers performed for the radio stations WHO and WLS and continued on to sing one of their hit records “Swinging on a Star” which debuted in 1944. Andy Williams eventually escaped from the quartet with his brothers in 1953 and started his own solo career and from there his musical career went soaring.

Andy Williams was eventually able to obtain his own television show that started back in 1962 on NBC, running for nine years and even made several other appearances on other shows up until 1987. In 1992, Williams opened up his own theater in Missouri, the Moon River Theater where he spend many of his final years performing and eventually opened up the Moon River Grill right next to the theater in 2007 where people could stop by and enjoy a bite to eat before or after the show.

Williams survived by his loving wife of an incredible 21 years, Debbie Meyer as well as his three children through his previous marriage with Claudine Longet. Andy and Claudine Longet were married in 1961 but later divorced after fourteen years in 1975. The following year, Longet was arrested and charged with the shooting of her boyfriend, Spider Sabich who was a professional alpine ski racer. The shooting was presumed accidental and she only faced a sentence of thirty days in jail.

andy williams dead

Williams remarried in 1991 to Debbie where they spent their years together in their two homes in La Quinta, California as well as in Branson, Missouri. He fell ill in November 2011 where he was diagnosed with cancer of the bladder and after a year, he was unable to continue the battle. Williams is an inspiring legend that will be greatly missed by all his fans and loved ones.

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