Ashley Greene Looses Her Home And Family Dog

Ashley Greene is completely devastated as her dog was killed in a fire that broke out at her West Hollywood condo on Friday. It is a terrible tragedy that happened to Greene and she is left totally heartbroken. Greene was at home when the fire broke out on the living room settee.
Ashley Greene
Greene is only 26 years old and was quickly evacuated along with her boyfriend and brother. When they were outside the building, they soon realized that they left the two dogs inside. The men rushed in to try and save them, but could only rescue one.

The fire which was started by a lit candle and almost destroyed the whole condo. Greene was seen with her dog wrapped in a sheet afterwards. She was cradling his head in a sheet and in shock. Nobody knows the identity of Greene’s boyfriend, but she was linked with seeing Reese Witherspoon’s ex-husband, Ryan Phillippe, recently.

Photo credit : Bedder/Getty

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