Ashley Simpsons and Vincent Piazza’s rather Unconventional Split.

One and a half years down the line, Ashley Simpsons and Vincent Piazza have decided to call it quits. The couple did not have a typical Hollywood style break- up. Most break-ups in Hollywood are usually as dramatic as the movies produced there. However, for Ashley and Vincent, it was a rather simple and low key affair. This is rather unconventional for relationships involving Hollywood stars

Perhaps this would be attributed to the reason for their break up. According to the celebrity gossip magazine ‘US Weekly’ time constraints made the two opt to get back into the singles club. This probably comes as a shock to many since the two were spotted looking very happy together on the red carpet not so long ago.

Apparently, Piazza, who is an actor, has been a workaholic in the recent past and has not been able to create ample time to spend with Ashley and his step-son Bronx. He has gone on record in the past saying how he and Ashley value the simple things they do when they are together. Perhaps not being able to do the simple things together became too much to bear, hence the decision to split.

ashley simpson vincent piazza

Ashley has not been particularly lucky with love. Before her relationship with Vincent, she was married to Pete Wentz, the biological father of her son Bronx who is now four years old.

The two have maintained that the decision to go separate ways was mutual. They have also gone further to assert that there is no bad blood between them despite the break-up. This is definitely a unique break- up away from the norm. Most Hollywood break-ups are characterized by major scandals involving one, sometimes even both  partners in the relationship.

Will the two get back together any time soon? Well, only time will tell.

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