Barbara Walters Hospitalized following a nasty fall

Barbara Walters, a famous 83 year old newswoman was hospitalized earlier this week after she had a nasty fall cutting her forehead. While heading to the British ambassador’s residence, Barbara missed a step falling on her forehead.

With this coming up just a few weeks after Clinton suffered the same fate, we could conclude that every prominent woman has to deal with a nasty fall every now and then just to remind us that they are indeed normal people after all.
Admitted at a local Washington D.C hospital, reports claim that she is recovering just fine with cut being seemingly mild.

barbara walters

Besides, the fact that she underwent heart surgery in 2010 and pulled through means a cut on the forehead is just but a drop of water in the ocean.

So it seems that this time someone else will have to cover Obama’s inauguration, let’s just hope the substitute will keep us entertained and glued to our seats.


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