Ben Affleck Finally gets credit for Argo

Ben Affleck, the director of an intriguing and unarguably exciting movie Argo finally got the credits he deserved. Having being snubbed by the academy of Motion Picture Arts and science for the category of best director, Ben still clinched the title.

ben affleck argo

At the 65th annual directors Guild of America awards which as at Los Angeles, Ben beat Tom Hooper ( Les Miserables), Kathryn Bigelow ( Zero Dark Thirty) and Steven Spielberg. Either way, if you have ever watched this captivating movie, then you will get what the hype is all about.

Apart from Ben Affleck getting named as an outstanding director, the fact that this is the 3rd time since the start of DGA that its 15000 members have decided to vote in this particular category a nominee that was previously up for the Oscar! Talk about Ben Affleck getting what his due credit.

At the DGA, Ben did tell his audience that he is not yet a real director, but he is well on his way. Well all the best Ben, we are looking forward to yet another blockbuster.

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