Beyonce Will Perform At Superbowl For Millions Of Fans

Beyoncé will headline at Super Bowl, in front of millions of people. It is the singer’s second Super Bowl appearance. The first performance was the national anthem, in her hometown Houston, in 2004.

Super Bowl 2013 will take place in New Orléans and Beyoncé will sing during half-time. The show that takes place during half-time is the most popular musical event of the year. Over 112.5 m viewers watch the show. With the star singing, ticket sales will soar.

Speculation has taken place whether Beyoncé and her husband, rap star Jay-Z will sing together. Rumors are spreading on the Internet about what she will sing, who she will sing it with and what she will wear at the performance. Whatever she wears she needs to dress to impress.

beyonce performing superbowl

There will be millions of people watching her performance and they won’t want to be disappointed. When it comes to clothing, the celebrity likes ivory, but she also loves wearing fun and colorful clothing. Her clothing will be specially designed so that she does not get too hot whilst performing. It is a massive task to sing in the middle of a major football pitch.

The performance will take place in front of thousands of fans, not to mention all the home television viewers. Super Bowl XXXVII will take place in February and will star the Grammy award-winning celebrity. This is obviously something that fans will be very excited about. Other singers rumored to sing with the star, include; Jay-Z, Destiny’s Child band mates Michelle Williams and Kelly Rowland.

It will be a lively performance, but one that exceeds expectations. Beyonce who is 31 years old, is a safe choice, she is loved by fans at the Superbowl show. Young people love her and she is immensely popular, so will bring in more people to Superbowl. It is exciting news that she will perform at Superbowl. Fans will have to wait until February 2013 to see the performance.

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