Bill Gates Designs New Condom Prototype

Bill and Melinda Gates have decided to design a completely new model of the condom. It is a far cry from what they are used to. The couple have designed cheaper laptops for children in third world countries, created better toilet systems and fought malaria by manufacturing mosquito nets in Africa.
bill gates
Since Bill Gates stepped down as manager of Microsoft, he has helped charitable causes. Bill and Melinda Gates work for Grand Challenges on Global Health, a project that aims to meet a number of grants in where the foundation explains a challenge and provides money for any group that meets the criteria, the best.
The foundation is providing $100,000 of grant money for any group that can formulate a condom that improves or increases pleasure to use and uptake. Whilst condoms have been available for 400 years, the basic design has stayed the same for 50 years.

Although the plan sounds lighthearted, the Gates foundation is taking it very seriously.

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