Billy Bob Thornton Sells House For 8 Million Dollars

Billy Bob Thornton is quite a well-known American actor, director, screenwriter and (lately) musician; but too many people all over the world he is just Angelina Jolie’s ex-husband. Their love story started in 1999 while they were filming for Pushing Tin and they got married only a year after, in 2000. Their marriage took three years and it was marked by some really eccentric proofs of affection (like wearing around their necks little vials with each other’s blood). Yet, something happened and in June 2002 they separated, and divorced during the next year.

Immediately after their marriage, in 2000, they bought from another celebrity (Guns’n Roses’ famous guitarist, Slash) the Roxbury Drive estate – a really impression 11,000 sq ft mansion in Beverly Hills for a price of 3.75 million dollars. Three years later, when they divorced, Billy Bob insisted to keep the mansion which was his and Angelina’s love pad for all this time, and everyone thought he will never sell it.

billy bob thornton sells house

Yet, the time passed, the old feelings fade away and, at the presumed advise of Kurt Rappaport (one of Hollywood’s celebrity real estate agents) Thornton’s took the decision to try to sell the mansion they occupied together. And no one can argue that Rappaport made a great job promoting the house and finding a customer, because he just announced that he managed to close a deal for around 8 million dollars, more than double what the couple paid for in 2000. Not to mention that this transaction took place during current real estate market recession. Absolutely impressive.

And yes, we talk about a great property – 11,000 sq ft, nine bedrooms, eight bathrooms, a music recording studio, a huge pool, a nice tennis court, and a fully equipped fitness room. Still I wonder how much would this property sell for if it wouldn’t have been the love story between Angelina Jolie and Billy Bob Thornton staying behind it. Probably (own assumption, not backed up by any official real estate estimation) around $4 millions, which is the price the couple paid for it in 2,000.

So… over 4 million dollars profit for Billy Bob Thornton from his marriage with Angelina Jolie. Really, really impressing.

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