Bruce Willis in GQ Magazine March 2013

The March 2013 edition of GQ Magazine features a very honest interview with Bruce Willis. Bruce Willis is 57 and has reached the height of his success, but he has never been given an Academy Award. He has been living a relatively healthy life of sobriety. However, the actor still enjoys a glass of wine whenever he eats a meal. Who can blame him?

bruce willis gq magazine

Bruce Willis discusses about how old he was when John F. Kennedy was shot and how this affected him. It was an event that shook the nation. Bruce Willis has been confounding audiences for years. He is an extremely talented actor and is very versatile. Not only does Bruce Willis play the bad-guy realistically, he also plays a great good-guy.

Bruce Willis can win any woman’s heart with his smile and he knows it. This interview leaves no stone unturned. Bruce Willis answers each question with honesty and warmth. It’s definitely worth buying the March 2013 GQ Magazine.

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