Catching up With Nicole Scherzinger in Marie Claire

Nicole Scherzinger in Marie Claire is not unusual, however, the fascinating insight into this sexy, talented ladies life, guarantees an interesting article. Nicole is in the middle of presenting the UK X Factor; however, she took a break to pose for the December issue of the magazine. This has gained her some extra exposure, and enabled her to ensure her fans that she is here to stay.

Every element of the photo shoot and interview were carefully thought out, and ensured that Nicole proved she still has what it takes to be the best. The 34 year old singer looked incredible wearing a distinctive, stunning and sexy designer black dress. The incredible photos were achieved by her ability to be bale to workthe camera, and continued to shine through the whole photo shoot.

nicole scherzinger

The exclusive interview with Marie Claire provided an insight into Nicole’s life and cleared up some rumours. The singer spoke about her relationship with Chris Brown, and explained that she had known him for several years, and considered him to be one of the best in the industry.

nicole scherzinger marie claire

Lewis Hamilton was of course discussed, and she explained that they make an excellent team both on and off the cameras. There are several different magazines that wanted Nicole on the cover, however, it was Marie Claire that won. Nicole Scherzinger in Marie Claire is not unusual; however, it will ensure that the magazine catches the attention of many in December.

There have been several rumours regarding the fact that Nicole has not had any children. However, she strongly believes that everything happens when it is meant to, including starting a family. The strained financial situation when she was growing up has ensured that she wants to wait for the right moment.  The fear of losing her wealth has made her an incredibly wise business woman that understands how vital money is to raise children.

Photo credit : Marie Claire

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