Charlie Sheen paying Lindsay Lohan Bills: Possible Reasons

Charlie Sheen, one of Hollywood’s top paid actors recently added the title of a philanthropist to his cap. The “Anger management” star forked out a cool $100,000 to fellow Hollywood star Lindsay Lohan to help her sort out her six- figure tax arrears.

The question therefore begs, why would he opt to bail her out? May people would think there is something Mr. Sheen is not telling us. Could it be that he has romantic interests in the actress cum- recording artist? The generous donation would make perfect sense in the event that this was the case.

It is not every day that a man will spend such an amount of his hard earned money to help out a lady in distress if he has no further interest in her. However, this is not just any ordinary man. The $100,000 he dished out to Lohan is more or less pocket change to Mr. Sheen.

It could be that Charlie is a great fan of Lohan’s music, or that he sees a lot of talent in her which he would not like to see going to waste, in the event that she was locked up for failing to settle her arrears.

charlie sheen paying bills

Having worked with Lindsay Lohan on set when shooting Scary movie 5, it is possible Mr. Sheen realized just how talented Lindsay Lohan is. This would therefore prompt him to go to her aid, just like the possibility of him having feelings for her would.

Only Mr. Sheen himself can give a true reason for his philanthropic act.For whatever reason he did it however, it was definitely a noble gesture.

Perhaps other Hollywood stars should borrow a leaf from the example set by Mr. Sheen. For Lindsay Lohan, the truth in the phrase “Christmas comes early this year” is quite clear. It can only be hoped that she will not find herself in such a situation in future.

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