Clint Eastwood Swatted In The Latest Prank Phone Call

Swatting is a new phenomenon that people think is funny. However, it wastes emergency services time and energy by receiving prank calls to celebrity addresses. The latest victim of Swatting is Clint Eastwood. Officers were called out to the home of Eastwood, in LA, after a relay service telephoned 911, reporting there were men with guns inside of Eastwood’s home and that there were already a number of victims who had been shot.

The officers who arrived at the scene, found that everything was fine and it was the standard “swatting” scenario. Officers did not know if there was anybody on the property at the time of the phone call.
Other celebrities have also been the victim of swatting pranks. Other celebrities include; Justin Bieber, Ashton Kutcher, Miley Cyrus, Tom Cruise, Simon Cowell and Chris Brown.

The LAPD is really annoyed with the prank phone calls and too right. The calls are a massive waste of valuable resources and could put innocent victim’s lives in danger. A twelve year old child has already been charged in relation to a number of the calls.

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