Confirmed: Kate Upton and Justin Verlander Now Dating

 Hail America’s newest hottest couple! It is now official; Sports Illustrated’s supermodel Kate Upton and Detroit Tigers’ star pitcher Justin Verlander are now actively dating. Justin’s grandpa confirmed this and seems to have taken a liking for the sexy swimsuit model describing her as ‘beautiful’ and that they make a good pair as he adds that his grandson is ‘a good looking man too’. 

Both Upton and Justin are at the moment enjoying success at their respective careers with Upton gracing covers (she recently posed for the cover of Cosmopolitan) and Justin’s team is cruising to the ALCS with his personal performances being very impressive. The two are said to have met on the set of an MLB2k12 advert. They have been spotted together ever since and rumors started flying especially when they were spotted in Chicago on Sep.12 when the Tigers were in town to play the White Sox. They were spotted recently in Michigan where they are said to have attended Aerosmith concert.

kate upton justin

The buxom blonde is considered one of the most lusted after the supermodels and their dating has got people talking with social media abuzz with the news spread out. On twitter, a fan tweeted ‘Justin Verlander is the best pitcher in baseball and is dating Kate Upton. Literally living the American dream’. I guess that’s just another reason to hate or love either of the two. I guess it can only be said that both got the perfect curves, pun intended.

Popular opinion is that the 29 year old Tigers’ pitcher hailed by fans as blessed with ‘the hand of God’ and the 20 year old Sports Illustrated stunningly sexy and beautiful blonde are the perfect match. Well, surely wouldn’t mind more grandpa scoops but a little more indulgence and confirmation from the couple is what we have got our eyes and ears peeled for.

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