David Ellis, the Director of “Snakes on a Plane” Dies at Sixty

David Ellis, 60, known worldwide as director of the famous “SSSnakes on a PPPlane” movie (2006) but also for quite a few other movies where he was involved as either director, actor or stuntman, was found dead during this morning in the bathroom of his hotel room, from Johannesburg (inSouth Africa), the location where he was working (filming) for”Kite”, which was supposed to be a remake of the Japanese anime with the same name from 1998.

snakes on a plane director

There isn’t a clear cause of death, so David Ellis’ body is being autopsied right at the moment when I’m writing this article. The police who was called to came and investigate the case didn’t made any comment regarding his death, other that no items appear to be missing either from his luggage or from the room and there are no suspicious of free play at this moment. Not even the exact moment of his death is clear at this moment, the last time when he was publicly seen being last Saturday in a local restaurant.

The family and the embassy were informed of the tragic event and are making the required arrangements so the body can be transported in US with a special charter as soon as possible.

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