Demi Lovato in Self

Teen sensation and X Factor judge, Demi Lovato will grace the cover of August 2012’s Self Magazine. She appears in a hot, lime green number that adequately hugs her curves. In a tell-all interview she reveals how being happy is a personal choice and boy, does she look happy!

Demi also talks about her fellow X Factor judges, especially former teen star, Britney Spears. She describes Britney as “just a sweet girl” (blushes) who she has a great rapport with. In a sentimental statement, she says that Britney understands what it means to be a teen star that is always in the spotlight.
 demi lovato self
The nineteen year old was recently discovered to have bipolar disorder. She describes how she would experience confusing emotions. She says she is now much comfortable with herself and her personality. On beauty, Demi says she prefers being without make-up or fancy hairdos. “I am at my most confident without any make up on”. We say, go girl!

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