Don’t Preach What You Can’t Follow

Joe Simpson, father of the famous Jessica and Ashlee Simpson, was arrested this past Saturday after he was suspected of driving under the influence. The 54 year old was stopped by Sherman Oaks police on Ventura Boulevard in California and taken into custody around 10:00 that night. He was released early the next morning without posting bail since it was his first offense.
Surprisingly enough, Joe was a minister and psychologist who always believed in purity and setting good examples for this two daughters. Don’t think they’re going to very proud of him now! Unfortunately, it seems as if this man gave up his righteous life as a pastor to bank off his artistic daughters instead. He turned down his pure career choice to become Jessica’s manager who we can all probably agree dresses a little bit too provocatively for any minister’s daughter. His respectful lifestyle doesn’t appear evident in his behavior especially since he’s taken charge of Jessica’s career. His comments about his daughters are completely unacceptable for any Christian father such as when he described Jessica as “sexy” and making a comment about her breasts in an interview. Looks like the glamour of Hollywood might have started to get to his head and he’s lost all of his own purity along with his new career. He’s now joined the infamous list of celebrities who’ve gotten booked in and right out after drunk driving. Such a shame they aren’t considered real human beings to the law otherwise they’d be in some serious trouble!

joe simpson arrested
It’s nothing new that another celebrity has been arrested for driving under the influence. They get arrested and they’re out within the next day or even in a few hours. But for a man who preached to many people about being a good person and living a pure life, it’s unnacceptable and hypocritical. Many people look up to their ministers to help them with their problems but when they’re a person that goes back on their words then they’ve just betrayed many people. We’re all human beings and make mistakes but if you don’t believe in something, you shouldn’t preach it to others.

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