Drugs And Gun Found On Nelly Bus Tour On Texas Border

The rapper was on tour when the police dog sniffed drugs on the tour bus. The rapper was with six others on board when the incident happened. The sniffer dog led to the discovery of 36 small bags of heroin, and 4.54 KGS and a large bag that contained a 45 caliber pistol. To add insult to injury, it was loaded.

When questioned, Nelly insisted he did not know anything about the consignment. He later said it belonged to one of his staff. The incident took place at a police check point at the Sierra Blanca boarder in Texas. The rapper and his staff we taken into custody while the search continued. This whole incident took place on Wednesday this week.

After a while, one of his staff by the name Brian Keith Jones admitted being in possession of the drugs and gun and said that no one else knew about it. The police arrested him and that if convicted, he will be in for a long time after this became the life reality.
nelly drugs
The police did not press extra charges and let the rapper and his remaining five staff members go. Nelly now 37 real names are Cornell Iral Haynes was born in Austin. The rapper has been in the lime light for years. He has featured in many movies and even bill boards all over the country. He received an award in 2009 as the musician of the decade.

All that is left now is for the public to wonder about the celebrities around.  There is also the big issue of intelligence among the people on that bus. ‘Did they think the border patrol police would not find them.’?
The tour was later cancelled and now whole team is sympathizing with the victim.

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