Heidi Klum Is The Burger Babe

Heidi Klum is by far one of the most notable fashion icons of the twenty-first century. She’s tall, thin, stunning, and did we mention a Victoria’s Secret model? So what do people think about her new sensual and sultry commercial for Carl’s Jr.? After reviewing the commercial which is featuring the new Jim Bean Bourbon Burger as well as some of the behind the scenes footage, the thing that appears to be most appealing across all audiences is the sexiness of the commercial. Carl’s Jr. is known for the sultry, sensual, and sexy ad’s featuring those of Kim Kardashian, Nina Adgal, Kate Upton, and of course now the famous Heidi Klum.

Heidi Klum burger babe

In a way something like this would only make sense for her. Heidi Klum is a very successful business woman who has done it all, so why not complete her long resume? In the commercial Heidi Klum very brilliantly plays a scene from the movie The Graduate, as Mrs. Robinson she slowly begins to seduce to pupil.

Heidi unlike some of the other beauty’s that Carl’s Jr has decided in the past to make their muse, she is very real. Heidi is very down to earth and quite possibly one of the only supermodels or actresses who will actually admit to eating a lot of burgers and fries. Let’s be quite honest when watching this Carl’s Jr. commercial you can tell that Heidi Klum being as beautiful and seductive as she is, she is definitely a woman in control.

After this commercial it is very evident that Carl’s Jr. has come quite a long way since those days in 2005 when the commercial featuring a bikini clad Paris Hilton wasn’t aired in several states and areas due to the thought of it being too “risque”. Carl’s Jr. and Heidi Klum are both certainly moving up in the world, now appearing to be an unstoppable duo.

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