Holly Madison Names Her Daughter Rainbow Aurora

Holly Madison has just had a baby girl and has named her Rainbow Aurora. However, the name has caused some controversy. Not everyone likes the name or approves of it. The previous Playboy bunny has said that smug haters should not brag about her choice of names for her daughter.
holly madison
Holly Madison and her boyfriend Pasquale Rotella are overjoyed at the birth of their new baby girl. Holly Madison is already feeling protective over her daughter and is standing up to the negative comments she has had about the choice of name for her daughter. Madison does not regret the choice of names and went on her blog to tell people so.

Madison and Rotella have been dating since the end of 2011. Madison wants her daughter to feel proud of her name and stand up for herself. She does not care about what people say. Madison has explained that the decision to call her daughter Rainbow Aurora is after a school friend. Apparently Madison was so jealous of her school friend’s name, that she chose it for her daughter.

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