Is The World Ready for another Kardshian

It was all music and dance at Kanye West’s concert at Revel, Atlantic City till Kanye West stopped the music. This was not out of jest or gimmick, but to announce the arrival of a new Kardashian into the world. He announced to the jubilant crowd that his baby mama was having his baby confirming the rumors. Kim Kardashian was in the crowd much to the delight of his fans.

She later confessed on her blog that she was pregnant and was excited about the ‘new beginnings in 2013’. Kim is still battling a divorce with Kris Humphries of Brooklyn Nets. The couple that had started dating in April was now getting ready for their first child.Things had gotten pretty serious quickly between the two and this pregnacy goes a long way to prove it to the world about them.

kim kardashian pregnant again
Khloe and Kourtney Kardashian expressed their excitement on tweeter with expressions of joy for their sister. The co star of the Kardashians show is well on her way to becoming a mother. Kim also expressed how she wished that Kanye’s mom and her dad who had both passed away would have been there to see the baby. The responsible Kim Kardashian seemed to take the whole idea with a stride.

The star had expressed that she had wanted a family earlier in September and said that she wanted kids at that point in life. This seemed like a prayer answered as she termed the baby as a ‘blessing’ for her and the rapper, Kanye West. The family went viral with comments with form the news. Keeping the secret of kim pregnancy was hard considering the many family members tweeted Khloe.

Her husband Lamar Odom was happy for her in law and welcomed the unborn to the world. Is the world ready for another Kardashian?

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