Josh Brolin And Diane Split After Eight Years Of Married Life

When Josh Brolin and Diane Lane got married in August, 2004, they never expected their marriage to end in 2012. However, like many celebrities, their marriage will end in the divorce courts. This sad news was confirmed by who stated that the couple had marriage problems and had split.

The actors have been married once previously. Unfortunately, their marriage didn’t work and they married in 2004. However, the couple had problems from the start and an argument in 2004, has plagued them ever since. Brolin was arrested in 2004 after Lane called the police because they were arguing.

Josh Brolin_Diane Lane
Photo credit :Jason Merritt/Getty Images

Brolin made unwanted headlines, two times over the years, in 2008 he was arrested with co-star Jeffrey Wright because of a bar fight where they were filming in Louisiana. He has also been arrested due to public drunkenness.

It is a shame that Lane and Brolin’s marriage did not last. However, Brolin’s famous father, James Brolin, 72, has been married to 70 year old, Barbara Streisand for fifteen years.

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