Justin Bieber & Selena Split Headlines are Causing Delight Amongst Young Girls

Justin Bieber Selena broke up headlines are causing a massive debate whether this is in fact good news, or devastating for fans. The two year relationship between the two pop artists came to an emotional end. The couple has been having problems for a while; however, Selena confirmed that she has broken the relationship off, due to major trust issues.

Their busy schedules and difficult lives had placed an immense strain on the young couple, and Selena felt there were too many trust issues to continue. There have been many rumors surrounding Justin’s apparent flirting with models at the recent Victoria Secret event. Justin was also seen at a musical with one of the Brazilian models, which was not a smart move.

Selena was said to be outraged as this public display of flirting, and Tweeted a photo of Justin and the model. Justin Beiber is believed to have taken the news badly, and shortly after being told he went on stage to perform. During this performance in New Jersey, he sung one of the most well known break-up songs.

The young 18 year old choose to sing Justin Timberlakes famous Cry Me a River, which was believed to be dedicated to Britney Spears after they split.  This song was an extra in the Beiber concert, and no one was expecting it as it was not on the set list. Throughout the weeks before the split, Justin had remained quiet, and continued to Tweet short messages regarding the concerts.


The people closest to Justin have expressed how emotional he feels at the moment and that through his love of singing, this emotion can be released. The singers Tweets have remained short and have focused on other things such as Obama being re-elected, and the success of his concerts. There have been very few comments made regarding the Justin Bieber Selena broke up headlines; however, Justin was interviewed on a radio show recently.

When asked about the split, he stated that he did not know what to say and that he was unsure of the direction his life was going in at this time. Justin has confirmed that it was not his decision to split and that he was hoping they could get back together. However, Selena has made it clear that she cannot go back to the relationship through various different Tweets.

Selena is currently in New York on a promotional tour to get feedback on her clothing line; however, she appears to be distracted. The Singer has been photographed looking incredibly serious, and there are rumors that she has agreed to meet up with Justin. This could result in them working things out, and Justin convincing Selena that there was nothing between him and the model.

They are both keen to talk, and their relationship has always been volatile; however, this may be too much for Selena to forgive. They are both remaining discrete regarding the planned meeting, and with them both being stubborn, it is unknown if they will be able to work things out and get back together.

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