Kate Winslet And Ned To Be Tied Up

The former Titanic star was given away by her best friend and co star Leonardo DiCaprio to Ned RocknRoll in a hush wedding. The mother of two married Richard Branson’s nephew in a converted barn in a quiet ceremony that involved her two kids and a few relatives. These were 6 members from either side of the family.

The couple kept the wedding so secret that the parents had no idea of it. The wedding saw Kate into her third marriage after her two former divorces in 2001 and 2010. She was married to director James Threapleton and Sam Mendes later. She got Mia her 12 year old from her first marriage with James and Joe Alfie with Mendes in 2003. The wedding was as a result of the couple meeting on one of the Virgin Islands.
Kate Winslet was staying at one of the houses when it caught fire. She carried Branson’s grandmother out of the house as it went down in flames. Ned and her were staying in separate housings at the time. The Island sparked a romance between the two that have been engaged since August. Kate Winslet is a secretive girl as it turns out.

kate winslet ned wedding

The couple seemed happy and so in love. Ned RocknRoll 32 and Kate Winslet 37 had been arranging the wedding for a while as revealed later by an unnamed source.
Ned had been married to Eliza Pearson. He currently works for Bransons space program. The couple moved in Light Sussex in a £2million 15 century hamlet house. The movie carrer for Kate Winslet is yet to see it better days. She has also been seen in The Reader, Eternal Sunshine and the latest, Contagion beside Mark Wahlberg.

The wedding that took place right under the noses of the media is one of the latest celebrity weddings. The Oscar winner for The Reader as a Nazi concentration Camp guard in 2009 has apparently not given any comments about the wedding yet but seemed happy with her third husband.

Photo credit : AP

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