Katy Perry Supports Barrack Obama

The actress was spotted recently wearing a bag that contained a graphic print of Obama face. Katy Perry seemed relaxed concerning the Obama’s chances against his rival Mitt Romney regarding the forthcoming election. During this moment, the actress smiled and laughed in her journey to the store.

On the other hand, Katy Perry acted on a Las Vegas really where Obama was hosted whereby she wore a latex dress containing a ballot paper. Her actress dress had the President of the USA in her chest while the square box got filled near the names of Joe Biden and Obama. Also, subsequent to Obama’s names, the empty box was seen on her thigh.

Katy Perry urged the crowd not to wait but to take action. Understanding it was the first time for those with 18 years to vote, she encouraged them to participate actively when time comes.
Recently in Las Vegas, Katy Perry also advised Americans to do early voting.

katy perry obama

This was during her rally ‘come concert’ for US President Obama. During the time, she wore an election themed latex dress in support of Obama. Taking the stage by storm before a roaring crowd of at least 13,000 of Obama supporters, the actress began the occasion with ‘rendition of Al Green’s – soul hit’ and Obama favorite ‘Let us stay together in a suit styled ensimble’ in addition to the Statue of Liberty themed microphone. Katy okayed those expressions by pledging the multitude to support President Obama.Also, while performing in front of a screen portrayed images of Obama and his slogan, the 28 year old superstar urged the multitude to take attention of a huge sign saying ‘Vote Early’.

Subsequent to the choice of some of the Katy’s touching hits, involving a rendition of fan favorite ‘firework’, President Obama took to the stage and thanked the singer for her performance.

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