Linda Hogan Faced DUI Charges After Los Angeles Function

Linda Hogan, the ex-wife of the well-known, Hulk Hogan was arrested on Thursday facing charges for driving under the influence on a suspended license. Hogan was driving home from a function in the Los Angeles area where she was pulled over by an officer after he noticed that she was speeding. On top of that, Linda was also taking medications that were prescribed to her to treat her e-coli infection that she was just hospitalized for.

The medications enhanced the effects of the alcohol causing her to appear drunker than she actually was. With an alcohol level of .084, Hogan was cuffed and escorted to jail for exceeding the state’s legal limit of .08 but released shortly after on a hefty $5,000 bail.

The same day, a scandalous one minute long sex tape of Linda and Hulk Hogan surfaced on the internet but is expected to be taken down soon since Hulk Hogan is in the process of suing the site for exposing the tape for the world to see.

linda hogan dui charges

The tape first came into play earlier this year and was being sold to the highest bidder but it only officially surfaced recently. Representatives of Linda Hogan have stated that they have no comment on the situation of the sex tape and that the pair is working on being the best parents that they can be for their adult children.

Linda and Hulk divorced in 2008 after Linda claimed that the wrestling sensation was having an affair with another woman. However, in Hulk’s autobiography, he states that Linda was simply jealous of friendships that developed between him and other women and no affair ever took place. After contemplating suicide, Hulk moved on and married again to his wife, Jennifer McDaniel, two years after they first started dating the year he and Linda divorced.

Linda is currently single after her four year relationship with a much younger, Charley Hill ended earlier this year.

Article Source : AccessHollywood

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