Lindsay Lohan Hospitalized with Lung Infection

After spending some time in New York partying and enjoying more than a few cigarettes during her stay, Lindsay Lohan was rushed to the emergency room by her mother, Dina, after contracting a lung infection which she believes was caused by the high pollen count in the city.

Lindsay Lohan was released from the hospital on Tuesday with Dina Lohan stating that her daughter is feeling much better and that the pollen took a toll on her daughter who has suffered from bronchial asthma ever since she was a child which has put her life at risk several times. During Lindsay’s younger years filming the “Parent Trap,” the scene where she and her on set father rode off on the horses caused her to become hospitalized because of an allergic reaction to the animals.

Lindsay’s father also states that there have been many other occasions where they have come close to losing their daughter but unfortunately they haven’t tried hard enough to keep her protected and Lindsay has failed to see that cigarettes are a contributing factor.


Many people are refusing to have any sympathy for what the star is going through because of all of her legal and personal troubles. It’s believed that her smoking is more of a cause than what her mother is describing as a high pollen count from her stay in New York but both factors coming together can cause serious complications for anyone who suffers from asthma. If the star truly cared for her health and wanted to avoid any near death situations, smoking a cigarette should have been the last thing on her mind.

From drinking to drugs, stealing and even hit and runs, she’s become far from a role model for anyone and has left many people in shock over the person that she has become. From a sweet, innocent little girl, she’s turned into a walking disaster no matter where she goes.

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