Lindsay Lohan Perfecting Her Punching Skills

It would seem like Lindsay Lohan enjoys being on the wrong side of the Law. The Associated press reports that the Hollywood star was arrested on Thursday after she supposedly punched a reveler at Club Avenue, one of Manhattan’s nightclubs. The alleged incident took place at about four o’clock in the morning and Lohan was subsequently arrested.

Lindsay Lohan has almost become synonymous with police arrests. Still fresh on the minds of her fans is her jewelry theft case for which she is still under probation. She could also be charged for deceiving the police with regards to the role she played in a road accident back in June. It would be expected that the star would go slow on breaking the law, but she clearly has other ideas.


In this latest incident, Lohan and the victim of her anger got into an argument before the Hollywood star hit her right in the face. It is not quite clear what the argument was about. Luckily though the woman was not seriously injured.
This latest incident is expected to have a negative impact on her informal probation case.

Miss Lohan was charged with third degree assault which means that she could be possibly going to jail. One of the conditions of her informal probation was that she could face some time in jail in the event that she was arrested again.

This particular incident will definitely cause a buzz in social media circles. Fans and critics alike will definitely be discussing this story for some time.
One would be forgiven to think that Miss Lohan is out to get attention.

After all, it is no secret that in Showbiz there is no such thing as bad publicity. If she is not careful though, her being arrested may not be considered newsworthy in the near future if this trend continues.

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