Macaulay Culkin is “No Heroin Addict”

Macaulay Culkin, the famous Home Alone star has recently been the center of a drug related controversy. The former child actor has been quick to trash reports that he is addicted to heroin and prescription drugs. There have been concerns about his health and well being, which his representatives term as “without merit” and “ridiculously fictitious”.
A number of media sources have alleged that Macaulay Culkin has a heroin and prescription drug problem. The rumors were further propelled after a recent photo of him surfaced looking particularly frail. Macaulay Culkin however announced that he is no heroin addict, and continues to refute the allegations that have been leveled against him.
One magazine reported that sources claiming to be close to the actor revealed that Macaulay Culkin had a serious drug addiction problem, and that he is “Surrounding himself with junkies and lowlifes…” This claim elicited a sharp reaction from both Macaulay Culkin and his representatives who quickly refuted the report as rumors meant to malign his name .
Culkin’s representatives urged the magazine to look into their sources and ensure that their source is both credible and correct. Culkin’s representatives issued a report on the matter indicating Culkin to be in perfect health.

macaulay culkin drugs
The magazine reported an alleged incident where Macaulay Culkin overdosed on heroin. According to the publication, Culkin almost lost his life in the incident, although he recovered from the overdose without the intervention of paramedics. According to the publication, the incident was quickly swept under the rug and never reported.
This is not the first time that Culkin has been on the spotlight in regards to his health and association with drugs. Whatever the case, the former Home Alone star has refuted the claims, and his reps assure his fans that there is nothing to worry about, and that the actor is in good health.

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