New Arrival Is Announced as Chad Lowe is a Daddy Again

Chad Lowe is a daddy again and loving every moment of the diaper changing routines as his wife, Kim gave birth to a beautiful baby girl on Thursday. Kim and Chad already have a 3 yr old daughter, but the new addition will make the family complete. In an announcement earlier this week, Chad declared that they were preparing for the birth, and were hoping that she would arrive before Thanksgiving.

This is the couple’s second daughter; therefore, they are no strangers to late night and diapers, however, it has been three years since Mabel’s birth. The news was announced in typical Hollywood fashion as Chad Tweeted the announcement. Writing simply “it’s a girl!!!” followed by she is as beautiful as her Mommy…& big sister Mabel!! We are blessed”

The 44 year old actor has been married before; however, he seems to have settled with his second wife Kim Painter. Children were never a part of his first marriage to Hilary Swank; however, he is making up for lost time. Their first child was born 15 months before they got married, and with the new addition to the family, it looks like things have slowed down.

chad lowe daddy again

The announcement that Chad Lowe is a daddy again is fantastic news, and everyone surrounding the happy couple is delighted. Mabel is ecstatic that she has a little sister to teach many exciting things to and has taken to the news very well. The couple was concerned that Mabel may feel left out; however, she has taken to the role of big sister extremely well.

The couple has been asked if this is the last baby that they will have, and neither would confirm or deny that they were planning for another. Regardless of how many Bad and Kim want in their family unit, the couple are enjoying spending quality time with their girls.

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